Exclusive pay-per-call leads


Increase your business today with quality, real-time leads.

You might be already running a profitable business and think to yourself, “Why change up the flow?”

Are you interested in learning how to buy leads for your business? Are you in search of new clients who are in need of your services?  A1 Lead Generation provides exclusive real-time leads for business owners looking to get connected with customers in need of services. What makes us different? We never sell leads from third parties. Our leads are pre-screened, pre-qualified, targeted customers who are already looking for services that you offer. We find every lead ourselves, and submit them to you in real time via phone, email, or text. A1 Lead Generation’s no-risk pay per lead program is designed specifically for business owners to succeed.

We provide leads for the following services:

  • Garage Door Repair & Installation

  • Plumbing

  • Windows & Flooring

  • Home & Office Remodeling

  • Roofing & Repair

  • HVAC

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Pest Control

You pay only for the calls you receive, not for clicks, not for email leads. Hot, exclusive calls from customers in your area.

Frequently asked questions:

This costs nothing – we only want to get paid when we do our jobs and make the leads come in.
None. You get charged once a week for the leads you receive. If you get no leads, you won’t be charged.
There is no contract. We do not sell smoke and mirrors – only great leads from customers who want work done asap.
It takes time to rank on Google, so once the form is completely done, we make your campaign and get busy. This process takes at least a month to get rolling. Once we are completely launched and kicking butt, you should expect a few calls per day. The larger the area, the more calls you will receive.
You can do PPC – it costs up to $65 per click, and it usually takes 3 clicks to get a call of our quality. Most lead gen companies sell the leads to 5 other companies and it is all about being the cheapest…not us! We sell exclusive leads that ring right to your phone The quality of our leads cannot and will not be beat.
You can log in to Callcap and see your calls, and we have the ability to whisper “LEADGEN” in the front of the call if you would like before the call is connected.
There is a third party call center that listens to each call and grades it a real lead, out of service area, solicitor, parts call, or customer confirming appointment – you only pay for the real lead the first time. You have the ability to go into the system and contest a lead – once you are signed up we give you all the details on how that works.
Customers are people searching on the internet for garage door service or installation.
Typically, we would rather have counties or cities, but if there is a zip code you absolutely need to have or do NOT want let us know and we can work with you.
Just let us know and you will be done at the end of the billing that week.
Go to http://www.procallconnect.com/ – scroll down – we have some live samples there for you.

Fresh leads delivered daily.

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