Tired of buying leads that go to several different companies, only to lose the job to your competitor?

Tired of spending thousands of dollars on advertising and pay per click, only to get a few phone calls? With our service, there is no competition!

We make your phone ring!

A1 Lead Generation provides completely exclusive leads that are prescreened. With our exclusive leads, when your phone rings it will be a customer on the line with a real problem.

Your job is to book the job and make money!

We generate leads through websites, affiliate marketing, blogs, and advertising. No matter what type of industry you are in, we can provide you with the type of leads you are looking for.


We offer a leads to several different service industries.

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Click on the link below to see real life examples of the leads that you will be receiving, customers that have a real problem that need your services.

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A1 Lead Generation can help grow your business 20-30% with our exclusive leads. As small business owners ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to keep a steady stream of business coming in. We are not here to replace all your current efforts, but to help compliment what you may be already doing and help ease the costs of your current advertising initiatives.


  • The A1 Lead system is amazing, I’m very impressed.

  • Our company has spent a small fortune on advertising with different things like: Val Pak, Money Mailer, Radio, Television, many others. I have used Service Magic and that is a joke. There is no money when all your competitors are quoting dirt cheap prices. A1 Leads is an exclusive service with really great leads. I get the occasional crap job, but that’s a given. I’m very happy with the service.

  • I have been running my garage door company for over 12 years now and I’ve never had a system this efficient. I love the fact that I do not pay unless the phone rings! I literally paid $300 for 10 calls and cleared over $3900 after parts and tax. I am thankful I am doing business with A1 Lead Generation.

  • Thanks Again, A1 Lead Generations started out very slow, only a couple calls a week. Now I’m getting around 10 calls a weeks and closing most of the calls. I love the system because I only pay for what is working. Since I started with the lead generation system I fired one of my technicians and have more time out in the field. I can concentrate on what I am best at, fixing garage doors, not marketing.